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Contracting Solutions for Contractors

Our Contracting Solutions service guarantees your independent status and protects your right to earn the money you deserve.

  • Freedom. If you’re an individual contractor, Contracting Solutions removes any concerns about Personal Services Income (PSI) or the ‘80/20 Rule’. You can legitimately claim business expenses against your income and there is no risk of the Australian Taxation Office declaring you a wage-earning employee. Contracting Solutions guarantees your independent status by using the Odco system.
  • Insurance protection. Full cover for public liability and workers compensation protects you and the principals who engage your services through Contracting Solutions.
  • Cash flow. As a Contracting Solutions contractor, your payments are guaranteed.
  • Less administration. There is no need for you to provide an ABN, prepare invoices, collect GST or prepare Business Activity Statements. At tax time, you receive a Payment Summary detailing all payments, the total tax withheld and superannuation paid on your behalf. If your annual earnings meet a specified threshold, you have the option of an introduction to an accountant for a free tax return.